Expogrow 2018

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Expogrow: Much more than a Cannabis Fair

This past weekend, from 14 to 16 of September, the 7th edition of Expogrow was held in the Basque Country, an absolutely un-missable event for the cannabis community.

Once again, the Ficoba exhibition centre in Irún hosted the fair, with a considerable increase in the space for stands: 5,000m2 spread over 4 pavilions for exhibitors and professionals from the cannabis sector, as well as a large outdoor area of 7,000m2 for leisure activities, chill-out areas and food trucks, alongside numerous fun things to do.

Publicity for the 7th Expogrow 2018

Poster for the 7th Expogrow 2018

With 12,000m2 of surface area, Expogrow has continued to expand since its beginnings in 2012 and has grown to become the largest cannabis event in Europe. According to the organisers, Expogrow 2018 broke all records with 181 exhibitors, a score of countries represented and more than 2,000 accredited professionals, a new participation success with almost 15,000 visitors attending over the 3 days of the expo.

Alchimiaweb, Philosopher Seeds y Reggae Seeds at Expogrow 2018

This year, as with all others, our team from Alchimiaweb, Philosopher Seeds and Reggae Seeds traveled to Irún to participate in Expogrow. At stand B301 we installed our Plinko Alchimia game, with a wide variety of prizes for all participants with gifts ranging from a grinder, through sunglasses and t-shirts, right up to a Nanolux Electronic Ballast!

Our Alchimia stand at Expogrow 2018

Our Alchimia stand at Expogrow 2018

As in previous editions, on Friday the morning period was dedicated to professionals from the cannabis sector, who participated in the B2B (Business to Business) session, a time to encourage personal business relationships, and from 2:00 p.m. Expogrow 2018 opened its doors to the public, to start a packed program of activities aimed at professionals and the general public.

Cannabis Box Forum de Expogrow

The Cannabis Box Forum was held in the Hall located right at the entrance to the Fair, a space open to the public and which in recent years has become one of the pillars of Expogrow. After the first 5 editions, in 2017 the International Cannabis Social Forum changed its format and was renamed “Cannabis Box Forum” with the intention of bringing it closer to the attending public.

Jointly organised by Expogrow and the RENOVATIO Foundation, this 2nd edition of the Cannabis Box Forum achieved a greater participation in the conferences, partly thanks to its new location but also to the quality and level of the speakers.

These are the speakers who participated during the 2 days of the Cannabis Box Forum:


Friday 14/09: Presented by Jordi Cebrián (Writer, journalist, computer engineer, specialising in drug policy, editor of leading Spanish cannabis magazine Cáñamo since its foundation in 1997)

  • Investigation and technology: Guillermo Moreno, Easy Csc – Juanma Fernández, Eko Puffs – Iñigo Basaguren
  • Legal Area: Aitor Brion, Diego Silva (Uruguay)
  • Research & Development of Industrial Hemp: CTAEX – Rosa de la Torre, OECCC (European Observatory of Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis), Héctor Brotons, Marta de Luxan
  • Communication area: Marihuana Televisión – Marcial Cervero, Soft Secrets – Judith Vega, Cáñamo magazine – Fidel Moreno, Territorio Bitcoin – Oscar Domínguez
The Cannabis Box Forum was a great success at Expogrow 2018

The Cannabis Box Forum was a great success at Expogrow 2018


Saturday 15-09: Presented by Iván Medina (Journalist with more than 15 years of experience in radio and television)

  • Regulation in the therapeutic field: Kontxi Palencia
  • Regulation of cannabis in Spain: Bernardo Soriano, Araceli Manjón
  • Industrial hemp: Innogreen Hemp – David Lorenzo, Dana Agronomics – Xaquín Acosta, Medical Marijuana Genetics – Seve Aznar
  • International cannabis regulation: Amber Marks (Reino Unido), Kenzi Riboulet (Francia), Mamá Cultiva – Valeria Salech (Argentina)
  • End of session: España Circo Este (Italia)
Araceli Manjón & Bernardo Soriano at the Cannabis Box Forum

Araceli Manjón & Bernardo Soriano at the Cannabis Box Forum

Leisure area, music and activities

The number of fun activities to do at Expogrow increases year after year; Here are some of the activities that took place during this VII Expogrow:

  • In the Sensi Seeds chill-out tent, they presented their 2 recent exhibitions: “The Pope Smokes Dope” and “Cannabis Cuisine”.
  • Visitors could participate in different virtual reality experiences (MetaBis, Metaglide, 3D Painting), music sessions in the “Monkey DUB Corner” with contributions from a range of DJs
  • Soft Secrets also participated in these activities with the “Soft Secrets, the VIP party”, featuring a “Clash” of wholesalers, and another of seed banks.

Just like previous years, at the end of each day the attendees were able to enjoy a great lineup of the best live music, in the marque located in the outdoor part of the venue and with a variety of performances such as the guitarist Bombino, the French rapper Demi Portion, the French group Deluxe, the ex-Delinqüente Canijo de Jerez, the Italian band Spain Circo Este, … these are just some of the many artists that appeared on the Music Festival stage of this 7th edition of Expogrow.

Winners of the Expogrow Cup 2018

In the evening on Friday, September 14, the award ceremony for the Expogrow Cup was held. To highlight the role of the women in the cannabis sector, the organisers made the audacious and brilliant decision to select, for the first time, an exclusively female jury.

Prize-giving for the winners of the Expogrow Cup 2018

Prize-giving for the winners of the Expogrow Cup 2018

A jury made up of women only, and women who are true international celebrities in the world of cannabis, such as the French Michka (Mamma Editions), the British Mila Hansen (Pollinator) and Noucetta Kehdi (GHE), and more nationally with the Spaniards Ana Ramón (Elite Seeds), Carola Pérez (OECM) and Beatriz Bravo (La Barraca de María).

Here are the cup winners at Expogrow 2018…

Best Sativa “Special Franco Loja Award”:

  1. Kannabia Seeds – Colombian Jack
  2. Exotic Seeds – Spicy Bitch
  3. Green House Seeds – Arjans Haze #1

Best Indica:

  1. Green House Seeds – Franco’s Cheese
  2. The Plant Seeds – Gelato Plant
  3. Barneys’s Farm Seeds – Shiskaberry

Best extraction using solvents:

  1. Ripper Seeds – Chem Pie
  2. Kannabia Seeds – Diesel Glue
  3. Exclusive Seeds – Dr. Lemon OG

Best non-solvent extraction:

  1. Tie between: R-Kiem/Deed Cheese & The Plant/ Northern Lights 5 Haze
  2. Green Wish Seeds – Amatista
  3. Mr.Hide Seeds – Jekyll Kush

Best Autoflower :

  1. Mr.Hide Seeds – Kritical Red
  2. Exotic Seeds – Monster Kush
  3. Mr.Hide Seeds – Northern Cream

Winners of the 7th edition of Expogrow Awards 2018:

  • Best stand: Sensi Seeds
  • Best seed bank: Exclusive Seeds
  • Best grow product: Easy Rolls
  • Best fertiliser: Advanced Nutrients
  • Best parafernalia product: “Bud Bar” Aso Service
  • Best medium of communication: Soft Secrets
  • Best publisher: Mama Editions
  • Best Industrial Hemp product: “Breeder Hemp Flor” from Breeder Seeds
  • Best CBD product: Pura Vida CBD
  • Activist of the year: NORML France
  • Honorary prizes: Kannabia Seeds (10 years) + Advanced Hydroponics of Holland (25 years).


The Expogrow team is already working towards its next important appointment with the cannabis sector, Expogrow Business Barcelona, taking place on March 14, 2019 in La Casa Llotja de Mar (the former building of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona).

Many thanks to the organisers and to all those who participated in Expogrow 2018. See you in 2019!


Photo gallery of Expogrow 2018:


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