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Cannabis Clubs in Sunny Barcelona, Spain

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There’s a huge cannabis scene in Catalonia and throughout all of Spain.  In order to buy cannabis here one must become a member of a cannabis club.  It’s perfectly legal to smoke either in the club or in the privacy of your own home.  You can’t just show up at a cannabis club however.  You […]

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Dab Nails & Carb Caps

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If you dab, it’s pretty likely you’ll have an essential piece of hardware called a nail. In most applications, you need this to complete the dabbing experience. But did you know that carb caps like this are also useful for dabbing? Lots of people think that carb caps are unnecessary but there’s a lot they’re missing out on by not using one. We’ll go through the different types of nails that are available to help you decide which one suits your needs. We’ll also give you a rundown on why carb caps are so misunderstood. A basic list of dab essentials is here.

Nail Me to the Wall

Like we said before, nails are an essential tool for dabbing. You can’t dab without them but they come in so many different types of materials it can be hard choosing the right one for your needs. You can get nails in glass, ceramic, quartz and titanium. Most dab rigs will come standard with a glass nail but you’ll probably want to upgrade that sooner rather than later.

What a lot of people don’t realize, especially when they’re new to dabbing, is that glass is weak and fragile. Glass can’t withstand consistent high temperatures in one spot without breaking. And that just leaves you with a hot mess you should

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California’s NEW Cannabis Tax Regulations: The Rules of the Road

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California cannabis taxes
The rules of the California cannabis taxation road

On November 30, 2018, The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (“CDTFA”) adopted Emergency Regulation 3700, Cannabis Excise and Cultivation Taxes. Shortly before issuing these emergency regulations, the CDTFA released a Formal Issue Paper with an analysis critical to understanding the regulations. This post provides a high-level overview of these emergency tax regulations and what you need to know now about California’s cannabis tax regime.

Cannabis Cultivation Tax. The cannabis cultivation tax applies to all cannabis that enters California’s commercial market as follows:

  • $9.25 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis flower;
  • $2.75 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis leaves; and
  • $1.29 per ounce of fresh cannabis plant.

Fresh cannabis plant is defined as flowers, leaves, and whole plants, that have been weighed within two hours of harvest without further processing. The emergency regulations address measurement issues in computing the cultivation tax. The CDTFA rejected the current industry standard that an ounce equals to 28.00 grams and instead calculates an ounce at 28.35 grams.

Cannabis distributors are to collect the cultivation tax when the cannabis enters the commercial market, which is when all testing and quality assurance has been performed. Beginning on January 1, 2018, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control will allow the sale of untested cannabis or cannabis product for a limited …

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They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLXXXV

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Representative Cohen’s quote raises a good point about the value of state-level cannabis. Justice Brandeis is right about the benefit of using states as laboratories for trying out new ideas. These state experiments allow us to test what works and what doesn’t before pushing things out nationwide. They also allow each state to tailor its programs to what works for their own citizens and to what their own citizens want.

All this holds true for cannabis too where we see so many of the state-level experimentations working. The states that have legalized cannabis have built up their economies, provided their citizens with access to useful medicine, and offered patients a route out of opioid addiction.

The cannabis “experiment” is working and that bodes well for it to continue rolling out state by state until such time as the whole country wants it.


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Do Omega-3 Supplements Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance?

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Have you ever wanted to lower your marijuana tolerance? If so, you may have searched the internet for effective ways to reduce your tolerance to cannabis. It’s no secret consumers have sought a variety of methods to reverse this effect, but is one more favorable than others?

In recent years, marijuana publications, forums and subreddits have discussed ways to lower one’s tolerance efficiently. Publications have touted specific methods as the reliable solutions. Perhaps the most commonly seen remedy is the usage of omega-3 fatty acids.

But do omega-3 fatty acids really have an impact on your cannabis tolerance? Recently, I decided to them to the test.

Intro to Cannabis Tolerance and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Writer and commentator Richard Neville once said “Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.”

Therein lies the problem that all too many cannabis lovers run into. The more we use, the more our tolerance goes up. Your marijuana tolerance is essentially your endurance to the cannabinoids. Over time, many of us, regardless of ingestion method, will hit a stoner wall of sorts.

Many factors play into this including:

  • Frequency of consumption
  • Body mass index
  • Sex
  • Potency of the product

Omega-3 is the source for human’s two most vital fats. It’s known to …

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Our SoCal Cannabis Investment Forum is TONIGHT

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Los Angeles Cannabis Event

Our Southern California Cannabis Investment Forum is tonight (Thursday, Noso get your tickets now!

Our Los Angeles office will host and this event, connecting top investors and leading companies in Southern California’s cannabis and ancillary industries for learning and networking. We are expecting a full house — 250+ people.

The Forum will begin tonight at 6:30 p.m. with a keynote from Hilary Bricken on the many recent changes to California’s medical and adult use cannabis laws under MAUCRSA. From 6:45 to 8 p.m., Hilary will moderate a panel comprised of Alex Fang, Founder of Sublime CO2; Paul Henderson, CEO of Grupo Flor; Stephen Kaye, COO of Big Rock; Kenneth Berke, President of PayQwick; and Carlton Willey, our San Francisco-based securities and equity financing attorney.

The panel will delve into the following:

Audience questions will be taken throughout the presentation and a cocktail networking session will follow the panel discussion. and last until 9:30 pm. Food and drink will be provided.

The Southern California Cannabis Investment Forum will be held at Wanderlust Hollywood. Doors …

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