Puffco Peak Smart Rig

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The Peak Smart Rig

The world of cannabinoid extractions is in a golden age, these days more and more users are switching from the combustion of flowers to the vaporisation of resin concentrates. The main reason for this change is to avoid inhaling smoke and its harmful derivatives, and instead to vaporise, obtaining a medicinal effect free of impurities and contaminants.

E-nail Puffco The Peak

Puffco The Peak Smart Rig

These precious resin concentrates also demand high quality products with which to consume them, for example the Puffco Peak, which allows us maximum enjoyment of the terpenes in the extract, capturing all the flavours of the plant.

The Peak is the next step in the evolution of e-nails, which until now have always been bulky devices that require a mains socket or transformer to provide the power needed to reach high vaporisation temperatures and fully enjoy the most pure and tasty concentrates.

With The Peak Puffco has taken the essence of the old style e-nails and recreated it in a stylish, elegant option that’s easy to use, small in size and forgoes the need to buy a bubbler or pipe in addition to the e-nail itself.

E-Nail The Peak travel Pack

The Peak Travel Pack

Its design is very distinctive, and the unit is compact, with an ergonomic base, 6cm wide with a height of 18cm. It is very simple to use, as the heating options are pre-set to deliver perfect concentrate vaporisation every time.

The Peak is programmed with 4 pre-set temperatures that the user can select according to their preferences. The lower the power, the longer the session and on the contrary, the more power, more vapour but with a shorter duration of battery. Temperatures are displayed on a colour scale: green (450ºF), blue (500ºF), red (550ºF), white (600ºF). The flavours are best appreciated with green, the blue setting gives more vapour and quite a powerful flavour, red is ideal to create a nice thick vapour and we can use the white setting to get really heavy, dense vapour clouds.

It heats up in just 20 seconds, making it highly appreciated by even the most demanding users, as other e-nails can take up to 3 minutes to warm up. It has an intelligent temperature calibration system which means we don’t have to wait for it to cool down to use it again, offering the possibility of long, non-stop dab sessions without having to wait for the e-nail to cool down between hits.

Instead of shutting down completely when not in use, this smart Rig goes into standby mode so it can be kept on without running the battery down, although it is always recommendable to turn it off if when you’ve finished the session. Once the Puffco Peak battery has been run down, it takes 2 hours to fully recharge.

Using the E-Nail Puffco The Peak

Using the Puffco Peak is very simple. First fill the bubbler with a little water, it’s made of borosilicate glass, and is easily removable from the body of the vaporiser. Now, using a dabber, take a dab of the concentrate to be vaporised and turn the e-nail on, setting the temperature with the button situated at the base of The Peak. Now wait 20 seconds for it to warm up and we can begin to vaporise the cannabis extract.

The ceramic bowl is large and works just as well for small dabs as for large quantities, depending on the users tastes, and meaning that you can get huge dense clouds of steam, or if you want to share then there’s no need to re-fill the concentrate between hits.

The bowl can be covered with the carb cap that comes incorporated into the Puffco Peak, permitting low-temp dab sessions for better savouring the terpenes and appreciating the flavours. Once the session is finished you can switch it off and give it a good clean to maintain it in an optimal state.

Cleaning your Peak

The great majority of the vaporisers parts can be disassembled for easy, convenient cleaning. The bowl, the screen and the bubbler are the principal elements that must be kept in good condition to enjoy great tasting, high quality vapour hits.

Alcohol can be a great help to clean the glass bubbler and ceramic bowl, always ensuring that any alcohol residue of is cleaned out of all parts of the vaporiser before using it, as it is a highly flammable product.

Changing the water used for cooling and filtering the vapour is very simple, simply tip the bong upside down to pour out the used water and re-fill with fresh, clean water.

Puffco Peak portable case

The Peak comes with a travel case to transport it without problems and to safeguard the borosilicate glass parts at all times, which could be susceptible to breakage if unprotected. The padded case means here is no need to worry during while carrying our Puffco Peak wherever we go.

The Peak Travel Case

Travel case for the Puffco Peak

The battery offers an autonomy of 30 dabs which makes sure we will have the day covered with a single battery, and in case that’s still not enough, it only takes two hours to charge up again.

If you’re looking for a quality vaporiser for high purity resin concentrates, the Puffco Peak is without a doubt an excellent option and well worth considering for its portability, convenience, autonomy and stylish design.

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